Don't Pity Me

Don't Pity Me

Don't Pity Me
Published by Flecker Publishing
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A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 2

Sloan is pulled into action nine time zones away from his island in the Atlantic when his friend Deke McCain is captured by al-Qaida warriors and held for ransom in Kabul, Afghanistan. McCain is the founder and CEO of the Pittsburgh Pump & Valve, a major manufacturing operation located in Pittsburgh, PA. Sloan travels to Kabul to negotiate with the al-Qaida captors for McCain’s release. The ransom is pocket change for McCain’s company, and the company is willing to pay. But in Kabul, Sloan is beaten, humiliated, and run out of town.

Bad move by the al-Qaida warriors.

Forced back to Pittsburgh empty-handed, Sloan recruits a team of mercenaries, the boys from the old neighborhood, to go up against all of al-Qaida in an effort to free McCain. When the al-Qaida warriors gain the upper hand, Sloan risks his own life to save his friend’s.

Or die trying.

Which appears inevitable when he is captured by the al-Qaida mastermind and hits rock bottom. But not before he and his men are attacked in their safe house by a band of savage al-Qaida warriors, then betrayed in their attempt to rescue McCain. Betrayed? By whom?

“Then the scattered thoughts all came together,” Sloan says, “as a puzzle comes together to make a picture, the final little pieces thumbed into place. Ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-thump. Aha!”

Corruption, greed, and political disarray led to McCain’s capture, and his ransom would be just another payment in a world with little means to stop it. A world that does not know of Crete Sloan and his band of mercenaries. Lethal mercenaries, who will not hesitate to come together to save one of their own.

Paperback | 418 pages | 978-0963559135 | April 22, 2013