Books by Carl A. Flecker, Jr.

Crete Sloan Novels

It's All in the Game
SKU: 978-1633853096

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 6

Crete Sloan is out and at ‘em again. This time to the happening city of Baku, Azerbaijan and the oil fields of the mysterious Caspian Sea. There, to search for the kidnapped daughter of oil baron Frank Marcella. A job that will take him to hard places and shove him unwittingly into contact with savage lowlifes.  
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Only You
SKU: 978-1633852488

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 5

Crete Sloan is off his island and back in Pittsburgh where his former police partner and lover is found murdered in the kitchen of her home. Sloan moves quickly to hunt the killer and just as quickly enters the dark world of internet fraud and mob hit men.
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Come Softly to Me
SKU: 978-0963559166

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 4

Crete Sloan is an international mercenary for the good guys and he’s back, mixing booze, women, and gunsels into a porridge of intrigue, high society, and high crime. From his serene island in the Bahamas to the dark world of murder and mayhem, Sloan comes to the aid of Chinese billionaire Shen Park whose serious art collection has been breached.
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This I Swear
SKU: 978-0963559142

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 3

Crete Sloan, a rambunctious, hard-nosed tough guy, banged around life’s experiences before absconding to a remote island in the Bahamian Atlantic. First, as an enforcer for the Pittsburgh mob through high school and into his early twenties; then shot and left for dead by a close friend; a career change to the Pittsburgh cops, where he couldn’t do the discipline; then a private eye; and now a mercenary for the good guys.
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Don't Pity Me
SKU: 978-0963559135

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 2

Sloan is pulled into action nine time zones away from his island in the Atlantic when his friend Deke McCain is captured by al-Qaida warriors and held for ransom in Kabul, Afghanistan. McCain is the founder and CEO of the Pittsburgh Pump & Valve, a major manufacturing operation located in Pittsburgh, PA. Sloan travels to Kabul to negotiate with the al-Qaida captors for McCain’s release. The ransom is pocket change for McCain’s company, and the company is willing to pay. But in Kabul, Sloan is beaten, humiliated, and run out of town.
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My Special Angel
SKU: 978-0963559128

A Crete Sloan Novel — Book 1

Crete Sloan lives a Spartan life on an uncharted island in the Bahamas. He is an international mercenary who fights private wars no one else will take. Someone steals your valuable artwork; he gets it back—for half the value. A punk carjacks your Porsche Panamera from your wife. The car is hot, you can’t call the cops. Sloan brings it back. A slug of human debris rapes and murders your teenage daughter. Sloan renders justice – whatever your brand of justice might be. In this case, an international hit man murders one of Sloan’s few friends. Sloan hunts down the killer.
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